Steel-wall-basin direct printed

Finally there are, printed all over steel casing for your pool.

With the printed steel casing your garden will become an oasis of well-being.

More individuality you can’t imagine.

Whatever, our standard selection or your own theme, there are no limits for your imagination. Even your holiday photo could decorate your pool.

The themes will be printed directly on the steel casing and will made weather-resistent and UV-resistent via a special coating.

After the time of production for circa 4 weeks the pool building can start. Your specialized dealer will help you with words and deeds.

Already, soon you can be happy about your new „trinket“, and have unforgettable hours.

We would bet any money that you will get a lot of jealous glance from anybody for your new „trinket“.

Available sizes for pools with a height of:

height steel casing size calibre
0,90 m 0,4 mm Ø 3m, Ø 3,5 m, Ø 4 m und Ø 4,5m
1,20 m 0,6 mm Ø 3m, Ø 3,5 m, Ø 4 m und Ø 4,5m