So there’s a hole in your pool – what now ?

Sticker repair kits:

e.a. Set 4 – plaster

Stay calm – we have the answer. Our repair kits let you kill two birds with one stone: seal problematic rips and holes up to 5cm in diameter while creating a decorative highlight in your pool.

Motif-height: 200 mm

Available sets:

repair patches made from extra heavy plastic film (Liner):

e.a. Set 1 – starfish

Underwater solution with pool liner stickers
Repair without draining the water!:

Step 1: select motif and apply special adhesive
Step 2: apply repair sticker under water
Step 3: press the pooldesign repair sticker down firmly

Repair your pool easily and without draining! With our new pooldesign repair stickers
made from extra thick pool liner and our new special adhesive, you can easily deal with
small holes yourself.

diameter: 75 mm or 100 mm