Design Skins

Design your own pool in the twinkling of an eye and the easiest way of the world.

We bring it to the floor – individual designed mats –
which make your pool to an eye-catcher throw their own weight.

The best in this case is…, the water remains in the pool!

Owing to the unique manufacturing process and the used material you can personalize your pool with our design-skins , design it to your own option, to your own imagination.

The variety of drafts give anyone the possibility to find their own style.

Our graphic artists make wishes come true.
Even for an event promotional effective you can carry weight with our „Design-Skins“.

„Design Skins“ is a transparency, printed PVC material, which is appropriate for nearly all surfaces.


Following sizes are available:

2 x 1 m, weight circa 6 kg
1,20 x 2,50 m, weight circa 10 kg
1,50 x 3 m, weight circa 15 kg

Instruction sheet:

  1. unpacking the „Design-Skins“ mat and uncoil the product
  2. put the theme on a smooth and dry underground, preferably on a warm location, so that the material can expand
  3. pull the „Design-Skins“ into your pool, to  the preferred position
  4. press the theme with a soft brush
  5. look that the water under the mat is dissolved completely

Enjoy the  beautiful aspect of your pool!