pooldesign gives you the chance to have your own designs printed for your pool. Do you want a company logo, club logo, holiday photo or graphic in your pool? Then get in touch. We’ll find a solution for your very own pool decal.


Your benefits

  • own design
  • long-lasting decal
  • simple to apply
  • maximum creativity
  • advice and support via email/telephone

Your chance

  • create your own design
  • buy a motif
  • choose a design from the collection


Send us your pool dimensions and we can create 3 simulations with the motif in different sizes.

2 ways to create your own design

pooldesign has been creating pool decals in many variations for over 5 years. We use a special foil that was especially developed for use under water. Your creativity combined with our technical know-how will open up unimagined possibilities in pool design. Let your ideas run free.


1. Use your own photo/design

It’s so simple:

  • Send a photo/graphic to info@pool-design.eu
  • We’ll call you back to discuss the details
  • Production & delivery of your custom motif generally takes around 7 days
  • and then you can simply use our instructions to apply the sticker yourself

Instructions for use


2. Fertiges Foto/Grafik im Internet kaufen

It couldn’t be easier:

  • Choose a photo archive: z.B. Fotolia, Getty Images, IStock…
  • Select an image: search for images using keywords and note the ID number for your chosen image/images
  • Send us the image ID: we can then purchase your motif for you and begin production on your custom sticker

You can purchase photos and graphics relatively cheaply from photo archives and image portals. With such a large choice, there’s something for everyone..