With pooldesign, your creativity will know no bounds. These products are made from a special high-performance pool liner material developed exclusively for us. A high-quality brand ink is used for the print, guaranteeing durability in contact with chlorine as well as long-term UV-resistance.

Standard decal

  • for private pools
  • can be easily applied yourself, only suitable for pools with linings and polyester hulls
  • the whole current range is available as decals
  • not suitable for concrete or tiled pools
  • easy to apply, no DIY skills required

Premium: print on 0.8mm liner*, custom

  • for private & commercial use
  • can be applied to any surface – even tiles
  • attached using underwater glue, without needing to drain the water
  • Requires DIY skills

Fully printed 1.5mm liner*

  • for private & commercial use
  • any full design or motif can be used
  • floor designs can also be used on walls
  • heat sealed using hot air
  • your creativity knows no bounds!
  • Requires DIY skills